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St. Paul's Community Center provides our homeless clients with temporary shelter, meals, basic grooming products, and clothing. These tangible goods and services, when supplemented with medical care and counseling, can help to restore what all humans need — dignity and a sense of belonging to a larger community.

When you "purchase" things in the Humanity Store, you are actually donating your cash to St. Paul's Community Center to help defray the costs of providing goods and services to the homeless. Some people find it easier to see the value of their donations when they can see what SPCC Toledo can do with the cash.

Please enjoy your giving experience and give as generously as your circumstances permit.

Maybe you have a specific amount in mind but you can't find a product below that matches it. The button below will take you to a form you can fill out to make a secure donation to SPCC Toledo in any amount you choose:

6 pack socksDurable and warm, these socks will be comfortable in all types of weather.


mens boxer setComfort able and durable, these garments will serve long and well.


bootsDurable waterproof boots to save feet and toes from winter's icy blasts.


tarta busOur clients NEED transportation to job interviews, medical appointments, etc. This package purchases 25 bus tokens.


meal for 100 A nutritious warming meal for one hundred hungry clients.


mittensWoolen mittens will help save hands in cold weather.


welcome home basketThe best gift we give to our clients is a "Welcome Home" basket. This is given with joy when a client secures a place to live away from the streets.


birth certificateA birth certificate is another step which enables our clients to resume their life within the larger community.


mens winter coatOutdoors ready, this coat will protect a friend from the weather.


photo idA current photo ID card is necessary for all of our clients.


thermal underwearThis donation will purhase six complete sets of warm winter underwear.